Air Freight

SAFI, as an IATA cargo agent since 1994, has quickly expanded its services from Tan Son Nhat Int’l airport in Ho Chi Minh City and Noi Bai Int’l airport in Ha Noi to worldwide destinations and vice-versa.

With an air-freight office located in the area of Tan Son Nhat Int’l airport in Ho Chi Minh City, we have both geographic and economic business environment advantages to constantly improve services and exert our best efforts for our customers satisfaction. Major goods that SAFI exports are garments & shoes and import of processing materials for the same products from Asian and European countries. Thanks to our dedicated sales/operation teams who are experienced in handling perishable and fresh products (including tuna, flowers, live animals, etc.). We are involved in a considerable part of Viet Nam’s tuna export to Japan and the States. SAFI also handles sensitive electronic and electric products as well as computer products to various destinations in Asia.

Chartering of freighter is part of business that we have been experienced to Tan Son Nhat Int’l airport in Ho Chi Minh City and carefully elaborating on for future expansion.

Being quite different from Ho Chi Minh City with its int’l airport located right inside the city, all import/export business and forwarding activities in Ha Noi are initiated and managed from the very heart of Ha Noi capital. To cope with special traits of the market, our air freight department operate in Ha Noi and have an liaison office at Noi Bai Int’l Airport located 45 km away from Ha Noi for ground handling and following up the cargo lift-up. Since opening, SAFI Ha Noi has always been one of the top-three operators in the air-cargo-handling field.

Approved as a GSA under license # 013 & 014/ CHK-CCHH by the Civil Aviation Administration of Viet Nam, SAFI is able to offer a full range of services in the airfreight industry.

Last but not least, with SAFI IATA house air waybill and carrier’s responsibility insured our customers are put at ease.