Shipping Agency

With motto of "Qualified service, high reputation" in working, we have built up and maintained a good relationship with worldwide owners and customers.

In fact, we act as general agent for one of the biggest shipping group – China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO Group).

Since September 1997, we have had the honor at acting as general agent for all COSCO's vessels calling to Viet Nam. By acting as owner agent, we have partly assisted COSCO in understanding the Viet Nam market, in attending vessel and in solving all problems incurred to vessels during their stays in Viet Nam.

In addition, SAFI acts as agents for liners and tramp vessels. We handle all types and sizes of vessels such as Oil tankers, Container vessels, Dry bulk carriers, General cargo vessels, Passenger ships, etc.

Our service:
- Ship’s agency,
- Supplying ships with stores and provision,
- Attending to the requirement of ship, her master and crew
- Loading broker